The Dude is back and he joins the crew to talk all about Kevin Smith!! Chris, Jerry, and Dude, embark on a journey through the nineties.  We discuss ...View Details

048 A True Unicorn

Tim has finally compiled a list of the best Marvels movies! Thats right folks, Tim has made it through all 21 Marvel movies and has a list of his top ...View Details

047 Nemesis of the Knight

The best of the Joker from comics, TV show, movie, and MORE! The Clown Prince of Crime is BACK... and here at Snarf Talk we give you our favorite take...View Details

046 Joker Review

The ultimate Joker movie review, that may divide Snarf forever!! Yes folks that’s right, we are bringing you a spoiler filled review of the new Joke...View Details

Birds of Prey Trailer, Clerks 3, Shameless, News, and MORE! Tim is back in the studio, and we have all the news that's fit to print! We talk farming w...View Details

Comic book super villains ranked - the best of the best of the worst of the worst!  Join Jerry and Chris as they choose their Top 10 Super Villains o...View Details

043 Cricket Flour

Kevin Feige's Star Wars, The Batman casting, Between Two Ferns, Righteous Gemstones, News and MORE!! Brand new episode, brand new format...that's righ...View Details

042 The Iowan Walkabout

The Dude Returns, Remakes: Yea or Nay,  Aladdin, Fantastic Beasts, Bohemian Rhapsody, News, and MORE! The Dude hath finally returned from his Iowan w...View Details

041 Eaten by a Whale

The 90's are back as Chris & Jerry wax nostalgic about all things 90's animation and movies...but wait there's more...Do you like Snarf Talk? Do y...View Details

Bristol Renaissance Fair Road Trip, Amazon's Carnival Row, Dave Chapelle Stand Up, News, and MORE! Another episode...another milestone...EPISODE 40 - ...View Details

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